About us

Rutu Bio Systems Pvt. Ltd. is based on the principle ‘Green Cleaning – Caring for the Earth’. We specialize in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of a wide range of Biological cleaning solutions. Whether it is cleaning, odour control or waste disposal, we offer a wide range of bio-products that effectively meet your needs.
The purpose of creating nature-friendly bio-cleaners transcends the monetary gains that come of it. We believe in the importance of a green environment and the health of humankind. Through our devotion to the idea of green cleaning, we endeavour to work towards a safer, healthier planet.

Kaampra, our brand of biological solutions, comprises an array of cleaning, odour control and waste elimination bio-cleaners that are devoid of harmful chemicals. All our products are non corrosive, non hazardous and safe. They meet the global standards of health and hygiene. The bio chemicals are made up of natural resources and are easily biodegradable. Thus, our bio-cleaning solutions ensure user safety, facilitate cost control and lessen the environmental impact.

Rutu Bio Systems is a pioneering enterprise in the Indian cleaning and odour control system scenario with a competitive edge. Our Green cleaning initiative involves team work. We have strategic alliances with a few U.S.A. and U.K. based cleaning and sanitization application companies.

Our collaboration with these trusted names, known for their world class products, has helped us to move a step ahead in the competition in the Indian market. Our know-how offers us the ‘first mover’ advantage with considerable lead-time over potential competitors.


To leverage our expertise and experience in the field of biotechnology for offering biological solutions those are environmentally-friendly and ensure user safety.


To excel and to lead globally in the area of biological cleaners through a strong focus on R&D and the spirit of innovation.

Our Team

Mohan Kulkarni

A visionary entrepreneur and seasoned technocrat, Mohan brings to the table a rich basket of skills and knowledge.
He has successfully handled responsibilities in Production, Projects, Marketing and General Management over the last 24 years.
Having taken a keen interest in Biotechnology, he is closely associated with biological products for the last 15 years.
His extensive work and his enduring relationship with overseas partners offer the company a unique strength in the marketplace.
Product development is his forte.

Mahesh Paranjape

Experienced technocrat.

In charge manufacturing and logistics.