Bio Block

Bio Block

Odour problems multiply when it comes to public urinals. There is a constant need of cleaning and hygiene at such places, which never happens. Being inside and around these places can thus be extremely harmful to health. Problems like toilet blocks are also persistent at such places.

Bio Block is made especially for this hazardous and generic problem. It has the capacity to act on a large scale. It provides consistent and effective solution to these problems.

Benefits and Advantages

– Rapid-acting and safe
– Binds, surrounds and then removes the organics hidden deep in the toilets
– Works on any surface – stainless steel, porcelain or ceramic
– Dual functioning – destroys odour molecules and establishes a neutralised smell

How to Use

The blocks can be placed one in each urinal. For trough urinals, you can place one at every 50 cm. Do not use chemicals like bleach or disinfectants, it kills the good bacteria that Bio Block uses for cleansing.

Where to Use

Toilet bowls, public urinals, workplace washrooms