Bio Blue

Bio Blue

The first thing that strikes you about a washroom is its smell. Urinal blockages, stains and incapable cleaning solutions are a few causes of bad odour in bathrooms. To overcome them, masking by air fresheners is not enough. Bio Blue carry out complete cleansing by removing the odour inducing molecules. It is the only mild acidic washroom cleaner in sharp contrast to the highly acidic cleaners in the market.

Bio Blue is designed especially for toilets, urinal bowls and fixtures. It acts easily on tough stains also. It removes odour through a methodical action of cleansing and attacking the root cause of the odour. The effect is long lasting and stands in the toughest conditions.

Benefits and Advantages

– Attacks the very basic entities that produce odour – uric salts and soiling
– Releases enzymes that enter the tile grouting and clean the organic matter – along with calcium deposits.
– Leaves a refreshing citrus fragrance
– No harmful chemicals

How to Use

The liquid acts on chronic stains as well as for maintenance. All you have to do is swab or wipe affected surfaces. Before flushing, leave the excess liquid on the surface to act.

– The formula for use is:
– Mop Application
– For severe odour, use 1:1 with water
– For general maintenance, use 1:10 parts with water
– In sinks and waste outlets

Use when the sink will not be used for a few hours, like night time. Do not use any chemical substances like bleach or disinfectants. The good micro-organisms used by Bio Blue will be destroyed because of this.

Where to Use

Bathroom floors, toilet bowls, wash basins, showers, taps and fittings

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