Bio Digester

Bio Digester

Name of the product:

Bio Digester tank for toilets


Detailed drawing:

As enclosed


Capacity of the tank:

580 ltrs. (appro. 5/6 people can use the toilet daily)


Construction material:

FRP tank with two baffle plates.

Total 3 compartments with inlet and out let connections.


Tank installation:

The tank should be installed in an appropriate pit in the ground and should be close to the toilet cabin. The out let from the toilet cabin is connected to the inlet of the digester tank. The waste water coming from the outlet pipe can be collected and re used OR it can be fed directly to the garden.


Working principle:

The sludge from the toilet is discharged through inlet pipe in to the first compartment of the tank. Biosep Ultra will accelerate the natural degradation process of the sludge and will covert to CO2 and water. The

over flow of the water is taken to 2nd chamber and the 3rd chamber respectively


Biosep Ultra:

12 pouches of Biosep Ultra are provided in one box. The 1st pouch is to be dosed immediately on the second day after the toilet is in full use. Remaining pouches are to be dosed one every month accordingly.


The pouches are made from water soluble material. Dump the pouch directly in to the toilet pan and flush ample water. The product will reach in the 1st compartment of the tank automatically.



  • Best alternative to the septic tank
  • Converts regular toilet to Bio Toilet
  • Replaces 2000/2500 ltr. Septic tank with 600 ltr. Bio Digester
  • Capital investment for ST comes down to less than 50 %
  • With using BIOISEP ULTRA sludge accumulation comes down

to 70/80 %

  • Treated water comes out. No foul smell.

Water can be used for gardening OR Irrigation.