Citra Kleen

Citra Kleen

Difficult surfaces like interiors of automobiles, garage floors and driveways, need a different approach to cleaning. A lot of foam and forceful stream of water is not the right way. Persistent marks of grease and oil repeatedly occur on these surfaces. Using random cleaning agents – oils, solutions and gels – is not just inappropriate but can also cause damage to the surfaces. Degreasing thus becomes further difficult.

Citra Kleen breaks the cliché that only acids can clean difficult stains. Its unique cleaning action acts strongly on rough and intricate surfaces. The result is a surface that is free from stains as well as odour.

With a neutral pH of 7.0, this is a gentle and harmless solution that acts on rough and intricate surfaces. Its orange terpenes cleanse the parts thoroughly and leave a pleasant, fresh orange smell. Its use is simple as it can be dissolved in water and sprayed or used as a dip for cleaning cloths.

Benefits and Advantages

– Gentle and harmless – pH of 7.0
– Use of Orange terpenes – leaves a pleasant citrus smell
– Advanced Surfactant Technology – for cleaning beyond the surface
– Totally natural and biodegradable

How to Use

Citra Kleen is water soluble and can be used in a variety of ways. The household ways of spraying, dipping and brushing can easily imply Citra Kleen. Similarly, industrial cleaning methods like those with mechanical cleaner, pressure washer and wet-vac type machines can use this effectively.

The formula for the mixture at various applications is :

– Everyday Cleaning: 1:100 in hot or cold water
– General Cleaning: 1:40 in water
– Steam Cleaning: 1:15 to 1:75 in water. Depends on the amount of soiling
– Stains of ink, grease or oil: 1:20 in water
– Floor polishing and as adhesive: 1:10 in water
– Chewing gum: 1:5 in water
– Dip Tank: 1:20 in water

Where to Use

Concrete driveways, interiors of recreational vehicles, steel and terrazzo surfaces in schools and hospitals.

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