Multi-applicable Cleaner

Multi-application Cleaner (MAC)

A normal cleaning routine in your house is buying the best (which means the costliest) cleaning product and applying it on the floor, tables, tea poi etc every day. But the glittering surfaces in the advertisements don’t tell you a few things. There are many layers to every material. Be it wood, glass or tiles, there are pores in which the tea you spilled or the mud you brought on the shoes, percolates. Result: with time, the surfaces grow dull.

Rutu Biosys comes up with a healthy, all-round solution for this. Multi-Application Cleaner (MAC) is a product that carries out thorough cleaning with lasting effect. You can apply it anywhere and everywhere and have germ-free, crystal clean surfaces every time.

Benefits and Advantages

– All-in-one product that does deep cleaning, sanitisation and odour control
– Made of natural components that are bio-degradable
– Leaves a pleasant fragrance
– Prevents the growth of disease-causing bacteria

How to Use

MAC comes with great flexibility in use. You can dip the mops in it for a swab, you can spray it on surfaces or simply dip the cleaning cloths for a wipe. The mixture formula for each surface is:

– Floors & Fixtures: 1 to 3% (1% = 10ml) in a bucket-full water or spray bottle
– Fixtures: Direct application without any dilution
– Odour Control: Direct spray, no dilution

Where to Use

Carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, for tiles, kitchen sinks, glass surfaces, metal surfaces, degreasing and much more.

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