Odofresh Concentrate

Odofresh Concentrate

As the garbage in your house starts decaying, various compounds start to form in it – amines, ammonia and others with nitrogen and sulphide. These are not just odour inducing but also harmful to your health. Problems like mixing of wet and dry waste further complicate the issue.
Odofresh Concentrate is targeted specifically to tackle this problem. It has a specific way of action that kills odour in domestic waste as well as huge mass scale waste. This is your permanent solution to this annoying problem. It has selective good bacteria that degrade the compounds, thus neutralising the bad smell. The action of this liquid is instant and it provides quick relief. The liquid is effective not only on the small scale domestic waste, but also on huge scale mass waste.

Benefits and Advantages

– Selective good bacteria that degrade malodorous compounds, neutralise bad smell
– Quick action, instant relief
– Long shelf life – more than 2 years
– Refreshing Orange Smell

How to Use

Odofresh (Conc.) can be used with effect as a spray. The dilution with water it requires is 1:1000.

Where to Use

Smell due to domestic, public waste, flood and fires.