Many hard surfaces that are enclosed and unexposed to light and air trap bad odour inside them. This naturally becomes breeding ground for bacteria further enhancing the problem.  The result is odour nuisance that slowly becomes chronic and incurable.

Odofresh is a highly effective bio-liquid that specifically acts on the odour on hard surfaces. Designed for frequent odour cleaning, it combines with the molecules that produce stink. It then neatly destroys the bond between these molecules and leaves surfaces fresh and clean.

Benefits and Advantages

– Thorough Action – destroys the malodorous compounds from the root
– Penetrates through surfaces like carpet to destroy molecules trapped between floor and carpet
– Establishes a hygienic, neutral odour in the room
– Fully biodegradable

How to Use

Odofresh is easy to use. You can spray it just like any other room freshener. Of course, the results are much profound than normal room fresheners. Do not use this as atomizer.

Before use, dilute this in the measure of 1:50 in water

Where to Use

Carpets, bathroom, elevators, locker rooms, laundry rooms, fitness facilities, garbage bins, car interiors – for musty and smoke smell and much more