Rutu Biosys – Products

Rutu Biosys carries forward a carefully built outlook of curing with care. Our products – made with completely bio-degradable ingredients – treat not just the symptoms but also the root problem. So stains and odours are not just covered up, but the bacteria causing them is destroyed through a natural and methodical approach. There is a gamut of applications – in domestic, official and public domain – that is covered with this range of products.

Bio Digester

Bio Digester

The tank should be installed in an appropriate pit in the ground and should be close to the toilet cabin. The out let from the toilet cabin is



Carpets are used not only to cover flooring but also to sit upon. It can be mood spoiling and embarrassing if the carpet stinks at such a time.


Bio Blue

Bio Blue is designed especially for toilets, urinal bowls and fixtures. It removes odour through a methodical action of cleansing and attacking the root cause


Citra Kleen

Citra Kleen is a solution for the difficult surfaces of your kitchen – be it kitchen tops, floors or tiles on the walls

Bio Block

Odour problems multiply when it comes to public urinals… Bio Block  is made especially for this hazardous and generic problem.


Drain ‘O’

Drain ‘O’ is a foolproof and sustainable solution for your drainage system problems. It acts on these problems through a scientific way


Multi-application Cleaner

A normal cleaning routine in your house is buying the best (which means the costliest) cleaning product and applying it on the floor


Biosep Ultra

Biosep Ultra frees the tanks of any odour, making the water safe for disposal or reuse

Odofresh Concentrate

Odofresh Concentrate acts in three precise stages on the huge problem of mass garbage dumping


Biosep is a completely neutral product that doesn’t create another compound out of the sewage. It just degrades the compounds in it to make it healthy for disposal and reuse