Rutu Biosys is a step towards making cleaning more about hygiene and less about glittery surfaces. There is a method that emerges from a very strong ideology. From completely natural ingredients to thoroughly biological processes, we achieve results through an all-round action. The result is a safe and naturally clean surface, consistently.


Rutu Biosys comes with the idea of cleaning, odour removal and conservation.We care for the environment and create products that are natural and solutions that are sustainable

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Root Cause Elimination

Unlike harsh chemicals, Rutu Biosys products understand the natural cycle of degradation. The Good Bacteria, our mascot, combines with harmful compounds to destroy them permanently

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Proactive and Quick-Action

Be it stain cleaning or odour removal, the bio-cleaners destroy them from the root and prevent their growth any further

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Non-Toxic and Safe

The products are 100% natural and bio-degradable. So there is no corrosion of surfaces, no harmful chemicals that affect your skin and no chemical residue that harms the environment

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For Every Surface

Rutu Biosys products act on every surface and against every harmful compound. They are designed through meticulous research and proven results

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For Every Purpose

From stain removal to odour control to waste management, We have a deep expertise in every area and offer solutions that are practical and efficient

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Easy to Use

Spray them, swab with them, wipe with them…the products are flexible in their use and required in very less quantity

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Cost Effective

These are products that give you high value for money. A long shelf life, minimum use and maximum output is the formula we operate with

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One product often does every job for you – cleaning, odour control and harmful bacteria elimination. We propose solutions that are sustainable and reliable

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